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Work of art

Enter the backstage

The name Backdrop refers to the cloth hanging at the rear of the stage in traditional theatre houses and commedia dell’arte open-air stages. It delineates the stage and separates it from the backstage. »

Work of art

Audible spaces

Josué Moreno and Otso Lähdeoja transformed Helsinki’s Winter Garden into a huge instrument using vibration speakers in their extraordinary installation IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse. »


Success in Venice

Anita Seppä, the Research Pavilion’s commissioner, has always been crossing boundaries in her work. If it was up to her, she would spend the whole summer in Venice sampling the international displays. »


Tero Nauha takes the stage

Tero Nauha mixes two roles successfully: serious scholar and experimental performance artist. What’s the result: a happy hybrid or a schizophrenic collision? »


Borders protect privilege

Choreographer Sonya Lindfors and writer Maryan Abdulkarim discuss geographic and cultural borders, the utopia of accessibility and the power to exclude people. »