4/2015: Roots


Performances inspired by ecology

The Theatre Academy’s relationship with ecology – and consequently, performance, as well – is about to go through a reformation. A new master’s programme focusing on ecology will be launched in autumn 2016. »


And all that jazz

Jazz bassist Kaisa Mäensivu is fascinated by the open environment in New York City; it inspires her to compose and travel there again and again. »


Blackface is not okay!

Artists and institutions promote racist imagery by creating art and entertainment based on stereotypes. Choreographer Sonya Lindfors and activist Maryan Abdulkarim discuss the concept of power and the roots of the Finnish theatre. »


ARTSEQUAL improves equality

The Academy of Finland finances a historically extensive research project, which aims to promote the position of art and art education among the basic public services of the society. »

Work of art


I got the idea for the premise of my thesis project from feelings of distance »


Global roots

The Global Music programme educates multicultural musicians who appreciate traditions. Studying in an international group inspires the students to find fresh perspectives on doing familiar things. »



A few nights ago I dreamt about an unknown place. It was a small island »