3/2015: Play



Mauno Järvelä, one of the most renowned folk musicians in Finland, has trained a generation of musicians that grew up with his Näppäri Method since the 1980s. The point of Järvelä’s method is openness and sharing the experience of making music. »


Tsiis mei, juu ei?

I’m trying to write a poem that crumbles in my mouth like a cracker. A poem that scrapes and crunches, tickles my tongue and gums as I masticate, to think of a word that cannot not be uttered without my mouth watering. Tinkering away like this gives me great satisfaction. It is my own private game. »



Sandra Mahlamäki and Ville Laaksonen make art for the digital native generation. »


Pastures anew

I started this autumn as a lecturer of applied music at the Sibelius Academy’s Music »


Breaking the norm

Jari A. Juvani, who is soon to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts, uses his work to explore gender identity. »


On the surface of an experience

Play as a channel of arriving in the world frees this experience from the absolutes of the real world. To share the experience, we need space to be and to arrive. Our inclination to connect with Other is what separates us from objects. »