2/2015: Benefit



Does higher education in art or humanities have anything to give to society? The utilitarian »


Awakenings in the workplace

How can art and artists’ professional skills be used in companies, organisations and work communities? This is question that is highly topical at the University of the Arts. »

Theme article

What’s the point?

Anyone who chooses to study arts or humanities, will at some occasion – let us say, a tea party – be posed the question, ”Yes, but is it of any use?” »


Clean, educational, therapeutic

The intrinsic and instrumental value of art – for example care art – has been a topic of cultural policy debate early this year, although art was hardly going to be a major issue in the recently held general election. How do educators see the frictions between the freedom and the applicability of art? »


Fifty ways to make theatre

Summer, theatre, Finland’s Swedish-speaking archipelago region and a classic farce – doesn’t sound that deep and heavy. However, that isn’t to say that these ingredients could not make for theatre that matters. »