4/2014: Faith



A matter of faith. Art would probably not exist without faith. Minister Ilkka Sariola, composer Kaija Saariaho and choreographer Jarkko Partanen discuss art, religion and holiness. »

International article

The Soul of the World

This book, The Soul of the World, is based on the Stanton lectures, delivered in the Michaelmas (Fall) term of 2011, in the Divinity Faculty of the University of Cambridge. »


Students, off to church!

A course at the Academy of Fine Arts takes students to churches, chapels and cemeteries to explore the relationship between art and religion. The course was hugely popular, and produced more questions and answers. »


Church music and tango in one package

The accordion is sometimes called, perhaps a little disrespectfully, the poor man’s organ. To be fair, the instruments do have a lot in common, and both are aerophones, producing sound with air flow. »

Work of art


For an indefinite period of time, I will attempt to take on and believe in »


On the way to flow

Raoul Björkenheim, jazz musician and teacher of guitar and jazz composition at the Sibelius Academy and Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Professor of Acting at the Theatre Academy and, on the quest for a state of flow. »