3/2014: Practise

Theme article

Exercising the hand and the mind

Anybody will be able to tell you that the virtuosity of a musician or dancer is based on training that consists of infinite number of repetitions, honing the performance to perfection. But is a visual artist ready to create masterpieces as soon as they master the basic skills? Do they, too, have to practise? »


Practising live

Composer Pasi Lyytikäinen’s live composing method started out as a joke. Now, in addition to becoming part of his doctoral dissertation, it has become a key practising tool. »


Practice as breakaway

Practice makes perfect, says the proverb. It seems rather senseless to contest a crystallisation of that order. And yet, the aptness of the proverb turns out to be paradoxical when it comes to art, because in art what is practised may also be left radically open – otherwise, we would only have craft. »



The theme of this issue is practicing – the uninitiated might associate it with something »


Different and yet the same

Three students of the University of the Arts sat down to compare their respective fields. What emerged was surprising observations and enthusiastic mutual understanding. »


The beginning matters most

Linda Wallgren graduated from the Theatre Academy as a theatre director last spring. Her thesis analysed Harold Pinter’s play The Lover, which she directed in the autumn of 2013. »


Incompleteness – an integral part of art

Debate: Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, media and sound artist, Head of Music Technology at the Sibelius Academy, and Barbara Vanderlinden, curator, Professor of Exhibition Studies and Spatiality for the Academy of Fine Arts. »