2/2014: Money

Work of art

Tero Nauha: Life in Bytom

The new demands of biopolitical economy do bring about a controlled transformation rather than a series of arbitrary changes in direction, decisions and preferences. »

Theme article

Small rivers

The archetypical image of an artist barely surviving on a state grant is largely true judging by 2014 statistics. »

Theme article

Seven aspects on earning a living

An artist’s income depends most of all on his or her networks and the ability to share his or her skills through as many channels as possible. Focusing on one’s own art cannot be taken for granted – it is a luxury that only a grant can buy. »


An investment in the University of the Arts

The Finnish government has invested in the University of the Arts, and the University in turn has invested in multidisciplinary collaboration with high expectations. It is time to take a look at the bottom line after the first year and also into the future. »

Q & A

Life after graduation

Tua Harno, Myrna Eklund and Jonna Kina, students from the University of the Arts Helsinki, talk about work and making a living after graduation. »


Spring is in the air

Kuvan Kevät (Kuva Spring) degree show will take place in the gallery spaces of the Academy of Fine Arts in Hietalahti. »